Quick Wit - Responding to Microaggressions Virtual Workshop Pt 1

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DESCRIPTION “Are you a boy or a girl?” “Where are you from?” “Why can’t you take a joke?” In these moments, sometimes we freeze in shock and don’t know how to respond. Afterwards you might get angry at yourself for not having said something. These microaggressions may seem small and casual, but they are acts of oppression. These small acts accumulate and function as part of an ideological system of power that maintains systemic oppression. In this practical scenario-based workshop you will practice how to respond to microaggressions. Scenarios will vary from when you are in a position of power, when you are a bystander, and when you are in a vulnerable position. Participants are expected to enter the workshop with a general understanding of systemic oppression in a global context. Bring one or two examples of microaggressions you face in your life. You will be asked to turn on your camera and be comfortable sharing your identity - that is, how you are visually perceived in the skin you are in, ie. short Asian gender ambiguous person with long hair. You will have the option to work in small groups or a larger group facilitated by Janice. You will leave with concrete take-aways and a renewed courage to defend your dignity and of those around you.