From the recording Ancestor Song

Years of Secret Melody (3:48)
Janice Jo Lee - Vocals. John Taewook Lee - Janggu. JoJo Worthington - Synthesizer.


Years of Secret Melodies

Halmonee nun moosoon mal ul hae jul ka?
What would my ancestors say?

Having poured myself into a bright white paper land
Books building paper thoughts combust before fire eyes
Bills building paper hands dissolve in small waterfalls
Did you think that this paper man
With his paper words and paper skin
Could hold you together, one or another
Could even stand?

You are the child of, you are the child of
you are the child of insurmountable rock fay-ay-ace
of caves from waves, of caves from waves
withstanding incessant pacific pacific pounding

Born of red eyed women and shark chasing men
Can a paper man withsta-ah- and?
You are the child unleashing
Thousands of years
Of secret melodies
Who cuts down the tall and loud with a word and a smile
Who pushes to the front to see the truth this is you

This land did not make you
We made you
Wield your blade cut loose
It is we who have been
waiting for you.
Ooree sung hae ya Ooree sung hae ya
Ooree sung hae ya