From the recording Ancestor Song

Child Inside (4:18)
Adrian Irvine - Violin. Janice Jo Lee - Vocals, Guitar. Jill Sauerteig - Cello, String Arrangement. Nim Agalawatte - Double Bass. Vania Lee - Drum Kit.


Child Inside Of You

There is a child inside of you
He doesn’t know what to do
Looking out the window pane
Could go outside play in the rain

The other kids are running around
Screaming out and playing loud
He may fall down and bruise a knee
But tears do dry eventually

Stay in and read close the blinds
Keeping warm and keeping dry
He builds a world inside his head
Adventure sitting on his bed

There is a child inside your voice
He sure can sing and rejoice
So many years of holding in
How can he know where to begin

I wish he would come outside
I’ve knocked so many times
I’ve knocked so many times
I’ve knocked so many times

I take umbrellas now
Yet still I dream somehow
He could have been my friend
Can’t let go in the end