From the recording Ancestor Song

Patient as the Land (3:44)
Emmy Landre, Katel Roddier, Pascale Cloristin, Jessica Oder, Junior Ricles - Background Vocals. Janice Jo Lee - Lead Vocals. Justin Thomas James - Keyboard. Lonny Knapp - Electric Guitar. Nim Agalawatte - Bass. Vania Lee - Drum Kit.


Patient as the Land - JL

Feet no longer aching
No weight to unload
Standing strong and sturdy
Two hands myself to hold

Clear inside my mind now
Brush away the dust of old
All I need is found inside me
Fullness in my soul

My heart returned, nestled in my chest
Mistakes I made, I don’t regret
No more giving away all my best
Singhey let go of self torment

Dispel hallucinations
I see me as I am
No need to push the river
Patient as the land