This Panorama Goes On

Jan 24 2022 – Hello Visitor! This worldwide late-stage capitalism eco-human catastrophe continues. After a necessary and inevitable existential crisis at the turn of the year – wondering if I’ll ever perform regularly for a live audience again – I’m back on the virtual stage. Eyyy.

I am finally taking advantage of being a member of the League of Canadian Poets by doing classroom visits to kick off the year. I’ve been spending lots of time building new anti-oppression related workshops. This part of my practice continues to challenge me and help me grow as a human.

Creating and collaborating has been giving me life energy. Thrilled to tell you I have a couple things cooking with the phenomenal dancer and activist Sze-Yang Ade-Lam. My bouffon cabaret “Apocalypse Earth” may finally get clowns into the room together. If we do, video should come out in Spring. Fingers crossed everyone.

If you want to follow what I’m doing on the everyday, and see cute videos of my dog, follow me on the Instagram, where I live. -Janice.

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