To sum it up…

Hey Folks, I haven’t updated in two weeks because life has been overwhelming. The Friday of the G20 week shit got crazy and I was in no head space to update, and I didn’t have the time or energy. I plan on going back and filling in the blanks. I have lots of notes from the Saturday especially, I was taking a time log of our activities in downtown Toronto. Dealing with the aftermath is ongoing. The corporate media fails, as does the state, but our community is strong and active. We have so much privilege to have the resources and networks and supports to deal with how our community has been targeted. I am glad I am here to be a part of it.

To sum it up, I wrote this poem last night. There is so much more to be said, but for now, I feel this is a good place to start.

June 2010
Janice Lee

This was the month I lost faith in the state
When I learned that we cannot control our own fate
When the state wants to put you in jail
They will go to extremes to deny you bail
They will not listen to your civilian pleas
For the police have the trump, the force, and the keys

Tell me, what kind of justice is there
When evidence is falsified and the trial far from fair?
Tell me, what kind of democracy is this
When you’re kidnapped off the street because you’re on a list?
Your ideas for change and community deemed “radical”
Your actions and successes seen as not practical

I tell you my friend, this is only the start
They try to suppress us, but we will not lose heart
The state stole our friends, the kindest, the best
And they want to scare to submission the rest
But I for one, am indignant and outraged
How dare they try to destroy what we’ve made

I, like you, stand up for our rights
The capitalist state underestimates our might
It is us, who must take back what is ours
Defy the rule of illegitimate powers
This was the month I lost faith in the state
The illusion was broken, best now than too late