Thought provoking stage series in Kitchener wraps up this week

Jun 19, 2017 by Valerie Hill Waterloo Region Record

KITCHENER — Theatre performers, Matt White and Carin Lowerison, just wanted to get out of Toronto, away from the noise, the pressure, the competition.

“We decided we needed a change of pace,” said White. “We wanted to switch up life, find a different community and try to simplify our lives.” They also wanted to spend less time working at jobs unrelated to the arts just to pay the bills.

“We started out as artists and wanted to go back to the art route,” he said. “We also wanted to challenge the perception of the world, all with the goal of seeing positive social change (through theatre).

“It’s something we were missing in Toronto.”

To that end, the couple founded Green Light Arts, which this week is presenting “In the Centre” a stage series at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts, downtown Kitchener.

The series focuses on unique perspectives such as poet/artist/songwriter, Janice Jo Lee’s “Will You Be My Friend” the author’s exploration of finding a comfortable place within her community as a person of colour.

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