The Tra La Las are back in action

So the ol band, The Tra La Las, we are back together, after a 15 month hiatus. It was supposed to be over over, but now we all happen to be in town, and wanting to make music, and feeling good vibes about it, so here we are!

We had our comeback show at Cafe Pyrus in downtown Kitchener and it was packed and awesome. You can read our show review on The ┬áThen just last week we opened for legendary children’s musician Fred Penner at Chainsaw of all places, in Waterloo. Wow, it was life-affirming. So much happiness and positivity. A whole ton of 20 and 30 year olds singing ABC and “sandwiches are ┬ábeautiful sandwiches are fine!”. Fred Penner – a one man revolution.

The Tra La Las are now lining up shows for the summer. Most likely will play: London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Montreal. Aw yeah!! And we’re back in the game!