Show and Free Songs!

A Portrait of Janice as a Young Artist: Banff Fundraiser with guests Sean Gallagher, Richard Garvey, Jessalyn, Brockenshire and Organic Groove

Sunday March 17th, 7-9pm (short and sweet)
Cafe Pyrus, 16 Charles Street West, Kitchener
Suggested admission is a donation to Janice`s Banff Fund
All are welcome!

Sean Gallagher – groove train
Richard Garvey – It just got sensual
Jessalyn “Lady J” Broadfoot – fierce joyful spoken word explosion
Brockenshire Lemiski – guitarist’s guitarist. classical n fantastical
Janice Lee – radical songs, stories, poems, with a swipe of lipstick. With Guests Adam F. Lewis, Emily Slofstra, Laura Ashfield
Organic Groove – KW’s go to djembe percussion ensemble dance party

Ok friends, I’m going to Banff for the Spoken Word program! Only one in Canada as far I know. I am honoured to receive this community’s support so I can go and write our stories.

The faculty this year is amazing, they all have really amazing intercultural spoken word/theatre/music backgrounds. I can learn so much from them. All the poets I know who’ve gone said it was transformative.
Check the faculty! Banff Spoken Word Program 2013 Faculty

I am releasing two songs from the album I am working on (probably dropping September) and a couple poems for free as a thank you to all of you for your support. These are not the mixes that will be on the album, but they’re still good.
Download Songs
Click “Buy Now” and You can type in “$0.00” as the pay amount to download them for free. Please do. And send the link/songs to your friends, repost!
Or for folks who want to donate to my Banff fund and can’t come to the show, you can donate here through PayPal. Hooray!

I’m going to tell the story of my artist-becoming in KW at this show, with close friend musical guests, we’ll bust out some old duets.

I’m going to Banff! Eeeeee!