Press: Profiled on Red Leather Booth as “Poet Provocateur”!

Dude, I am so tickled that I got headlined as “Poet Provocateur” on Red Leather Booth blog. Love it. Prah-vah-cah-toor~!  Not only that, but the blog is subtitled “Conversations with arts and culture superstars in Waterloo Region.” CHYEAH. Feeling so legit right now. Haha but seriously, check out the interview. I say good stuffs.

Link: Red Leather Booth Blog – “Musician and Poet Provocateur: Janice Lee”



“As a folk artist, I want to share stories that capture and convey the struggles that are happening today: injustice stemming from capitalism, colonialism and oppression,” said Janice. “We first need to talk about these things to inspire action, so we can build stronger, healthier communities, based in love.”

Her social justice philosophy merges into her other pursuits, as the concept of a poetry slam is to create a less elitist reception to poetry, where anyone can share their work without harsh judgement. With her work at the KWPS, Janice is helping create a local community around spoken word, poetry and storytelling. “We encourage new artists to share, be supportive of each other and foster a larger appreciation for poetry,” says Janice. “To see a serious revival of the oral storytelling tradition, especially in younger generations, is very hopeful.”