Album Preview

Photo by Bangishimo

Thank you for visiting my Sneak Peek page! We finished recording in May 2022 and now the record goes into mixing, with a single coming out this summer. Below is a sneak peek medley of four tunes from the record. They are still to be mixed and mastered. Hope you enjoy.
🙂 Janice.

Ancestor Song Coming December 2022
Produced by Janice Jo Lee and JoJo Worthington
All songs written and arranged by Janice Jo Lee
Janice Jo Lee – Vocals, Guitar
Background Vocals: Alysha Brilla, Camila Diaz-Varela, Charlena Russell
Guitar: Juneyt Yetkiner, Lonny Knapp
Piano: Justin James
Percussion: Vania Lee, YJ Josephine
Korean Janggu Drum: John Lee
Gayageum Korean Harp: Roa Lee
Trumpet: Rudy Ray, Tara Kannangara
Cello: Jill Saurteig
Violin: Adrian Irvine
Bass: Nim Agalawatte

Sneak Peek Medley: Ancestor Song / Moonlight Tide / Oil in the Grand / Crumpled Heart Unfolding