Press: The Cord: Female artists underrepresented in KW music scene

The Cord: Female artists underrepresented in KW music scene

Similar to other communities, establishing yourself as a female musician still holds its challenges in K-W

By Cristina Almudevar. Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Kitchener-Waterloo music scene, despite thriving and growing with each new band, has a lack of performing female musicians. Although not overwhelmingly strong, there is still the feel of a “boy’s club” culture that is inadvertently being perpetuated by the artists, both male and female.

“[The ‘boy’s club’ culture] is not super bad in K-W. It’s just the representation thing I think women are not encouraged to go into instrumental music in the same way. Women are encouraged into vocal and so-called ‘feminine’ artistic sound so you usually see women playing strings or piano. There aren’t that many women who are rocking out on stage, for example like being aggressive on stage or being space-taking. Women are taught to stand and sing and be pretty,” said Janice Lee, a local musician with the band Janice Lee and the Free Radicals.

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