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Poetry in the air!

Check this! I placed 1st at the poetry slam! WHOA!! COOL!!! Weeeeeeee! The first poetry slam I was in I didn’t make it past the first round. Well well well! I guess I was pretty freaking nervous the first time, and going right after Carlos Andres Gomez opened didnt help me. But, this time, yay!

It was a really great atmosphere at the SLC multi purpose room at UW. I was really feeling the energy and passion. It was full, and with 12 mostly new slammers, it was such an amazing show of risks. What a variety of poetry styles. I was super impressed and glad that so many people want to express themselves this way. This event showed me that there is a need for this kind of community and I want to be a part of building here in KW.

I feel like slam poetry is this awesome medium that combines poetry, theatre, politics, activism, beauty, rhythm – all in an act of community exchange. Awesome sauce. It’s like a poetic personal political rant. So cool.

I am glad that people are throwing poetry into the air. Poetry is back on the radar, now in contemporary evocative relevant verses! YES.

Anyhoo, I may be organizing a slam in the near future in Kitchener at the KWCCSJ (see link on side). Keep the poetry going. AW YEAH.