Poem: Artists. Think They Will Change The World

(Updated Dec 4, 2012)
Just thinking on the flip side…for some perspective.

Artists. They think they will change the world.
Janice Lee

I – Musicians
Don’t bring out that guitar
and sing me songs about
other women you love.
My ear canals will cave in
from the ongoing echo:
She done me wrong, whoa whoa whoa,
I let her get away, why why why
How can I tell her oh how can I
-Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah.
Take your love songs to new ears.
Try the streets.
Sing for change.
Small change.
Pity coins.

II – Poets
Scribble notebooks full of ink
in exchange for blood and tears
never shed.
Prove you have something to say
by marking up a page
of a dead tree.
Come the morning when Parliament burns,
cops flee from people wielding sticks,
young people sow their first gardens,
and middle-aged white men stop talking so loud,
no one will notice
the poets
writing in their corners.
Hunched over their desks,
living in their heads,
cowards with pens.