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Montréal: Janice
Lily/22 June 2017/

Janice, Montréal, Août 2016

(Version française plus bas)

1) Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Janice, I am a singer, songwriter, poet and community organizer. I take care of my sister who’s twelve years younger than me and I try to do art projects that fight for social justice and help build community.

2) Can you tell me about your outfit (what you are wearing/why you chose this outfit), and more generally about your physical presentation ?

I have been re-embracing my femininity because I grew up, like most women, being shamed for being femme, and then being shamed for not being femme enough. So, like wearing a ballerina skirt, to me is part of embracing the power in femininity. Also, I love to dance and it’s fun to pretend to be « a lady ». Even just wearing a tank top is a big thing for me, to show my arms, to overcome this like, embarrassment or just insecurity with having muscular arms. When I was a kid I hated my arm hair so much, but now I don’t even care about it, I don’t even think about it. Also, the skirt shows my leg hair, again I don’t care about it anymore, it’s great. And I just wear these red shoes with everything, they’re my favorite. Also, I’m wearing a 90s style mood-necklace and it changes color with my mood apparently. And I’m wearing lipstick, which makes me very happy.

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