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  • Janice
  • October 22, 2011

Poem: It Rained Berries

As the warmth slides away I find myself reflecting on the beautiful months I have lived recently. Some highlights: I went to three weddings of close friends, went on my first overnight canoe trip, recorded an album with my band The Tra La Las, saw New Kids on the Block with the Backstreet Boys, was in an incredible play The Fear Project in the Impact Theatre Festival, biked to Toronto for Jack Layton’s funeral, performed at the Bloomin’ Earth Festival, Latitudes Storytelling Festival, Word on the Street Festival, and all the while spending time with friends, sharing food and music. The following poem gives a glimpse of for what I am grateful.
It rained berries

It rained berries
Through air thick with heat

climbed a mulberry tree
wedged his feet
into the tree’s forks
to shake every branch
in his reach

It rained
Through air thick with heat

held out her sun hat
open and upwards
like a child
on Halloween
catching candies
unwrapped from their leaves

It rained
Through air
thick with

Purple fingers and sticky skin
They strolled down the street

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