In Montreal, new poems: Ode to Gummi Bears, Moon-Soaked Reggae

I am currently in Montreal, having a swell relaxing time. Came straight from the Hillside Festival in Guelph.

My favourites from Hillside:

Sam Doores and the Tumbleweeds
They came straight from New Orleans, and Sam is from Oklahoma. He was wearing a sweet cowboy hat and jeans and cowboy boots. As soon as they sang the first note in gospel like harmony, my heart perked up and I knew I was in the right tent. I was just drinking it in.

The Good Lovelies, the Tra La Las have been compared to them The Good Lovelies are gooder than us. We are more B.A.

Montreal feels very European. I forgot about the whole French thing. When I woke up on the coach and saw that all the stores suddenly had French names I was surprised. Its really beautiful to hear French again, its like music. And just listening and doing quick translations in my head is a good way to practice.

I haven’t written poems in a while. Here are a two new ones from today. I wrote them while sitting by the pool, tanning, which I never do. Tanning, that is. They weren’t selling ANY candy at Hillside, other than chocolate products. I was craving gummi bears. Hence,

Ode to Gummi Bears

Softened by the sunlight,
you are a squishy delight.
In support of diversity,
you are a colourful bunch in my hand.
Some say gelatin is immoral –
stealing the juice from animal bones.
Oh, the hardships of a sugar addict!
I do acknowledge the strange cruelty
that is gelatin.
But my tongue yearns for your softness,
your artificial colours, your curves.
Alas, my sweet tooth knows no guilt,
for ethics, it was not built.

The last evening of Hillside I went to the All star reggae jam, which proved to be a good decision. Shad was freestyling, and there were 6 horns on stage, and Shane I forget his last name, wicked James Brown-esque singer who we met in Volly Village when we were wading the lake harmonizing. Props to Paul for the title.

Moon-Soaked Reggae
For Paul

One good thing about music
When it hits you feel no pain
Under the full moon aglow
Lighting up the late night dancers
Boppin to the upbeat in a flow
That only reggae music brings
So hit me with the horns
And the communal tide of thousands
Waving their arms to the vibe
Of the ten piece band jammin out their share
Of the moon-soaked air