I write a lot of poems about food

I have noticed this. Ode to Cheese, Ode to Garlic, Ode to Gummy Bears… And with my recently identified gluten and dairy intolerance (re: hives) I am dwelling on how much I love food more than usual. I wrote a breakup poem to a croissant entitled “Mon cher petit croissant” and performed it the March KW Poetry Slam. With that poem and my second poem called “On Commitment” which is about being a tree, I won the slam! First time I’ve ever won a KW Poetry Slam. Which is nice since I am one of the organizers and volunteer a lot of time there. I also qualified for the Finals, which is Fri April 27th in the Kitchener City Hall rotunda. Hopefully will put up some video soon after that.

Oh and I should mention that I was nominated for a KW Arts Award in the Leading Edge (under 25) category. What an honour. Seeing that all my work is focused in KW and it is my home that I love, this is the greatest award I could be considered for. I am happy about it. I found out my dear friend and inspiring artist Richard Garvey nominated me. I had to submit 20 pages of supporting documents for it. It was really difficult to narrow down 10 pages of my poetry for review. I get to go to a reception thing soon and then the Awards in June at Centre in the Square! Fun!

In other news, I found an old poem (about food) in one of my notebooks that I wrote maybe two years ago. Here it is.

Vanilla ice cream

When it comes to “me” time
I do kitschy old people things:
Browse the dollar store and buy a cheap garlic press.
Or wander around Zellers,
look for white fold-down socks to wear with loafers
and impulse-buy Ferrero Rocher.

And now as I sit here, alone
at the Zellers restaurant
on my way to becoming a bag lady
with my shameful dish
of unfinished vanilla ice cream
I wonder
if I am old already
and wonder
if I should stuff the rest
of the ice cream in my mouth.

Looked just like this. Except it was just me.