Winter, I take it back

It’s December 1st and it’s snowing!!!!!!!! and it’s so lovely, I take it back Winter, you can blow into town. December is when friends and family gather, eat, sing, and be merry. Now why would I want to complain about that.

Contributing to my gratitude for December is that I went upstairs to find in our piano room, my roommate Polly made us all individually wrapped Advent calendars. As in, each day has an individually wrapped surprise, colour coded for Laura Ciaran and I, all mixed together in a box. So there’s the fun in finding the right number and colour each day, and opening it. I love my roommates and my house. Polly loves snow. Like, LOVES snow, to the point of extreme jollity. She went outside barefoot to dance in the snow. Amazing.

I also just ate guacamole and garlic cheese curds. And its almost my birthday!

December, you’re okay by me! I’m going to wear boots tomorrow!