I am old.

My life has changed drastically of late. I have suddenly become old. Not by years, but by responsibility. In the past few months I found a new place to live, adopted a dying stray dog from a Native reserve, had my little sister move in with me, and have two jobs.

On top of that I am still a part of the ongoing fallout of the G20 in Toronto, dealing with legal matters involving my friends and community, as well as trying to figure out what our next steps are in the KW social justice community.

I am still an active member of the Radical Choir, not-as-active-as-I’d-like member of the KW Expressive Collective, and the Tra La Las, our old band, is working on new material to debut in 2011. The new Tra La Las stuff is sounding amazing, which I will say so myself. Radical and beautiful and as always, tongue-in-cheek and full of sass.

Life has been overwhelming me of late. See: return of the hives. I need to get more chamomile ointment. Gah! I was wishing to never smell that stuff again (though it is pleasant). I need to give in to yoga, or get some acupuncture. And swimming. Skating season is a-coming!!!

Exciting news! I will finally be recording my solo music in mid-December. I have booked it. Just have to choose which of my over-30 songs I should record. I plan to have a demo cd by Christmas. It will be good to have some tangible music to disperse. Haven’t really had time to write any new poetry though.

Once we finally get internet at home next week I will be able to post more I am hoping.