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Folk Myths: The Library

Some of the quotes from my story gathering at the Kitchener public library today!

“Its a quiet feeling even though there’s lots of people. Peace, or something.”-RussKPL 3

“They saved the old jail and tore the old library down. But this one is a beautiful library. It has the right feeling.”-Russ

“You know I didn’t like that mural. But they put that dark paint up and its been renewed. I love it now.”-Laura

“Coming to the library is like being away and being home at the same time.”-Kimia

“Back in the old heritage room, you didn’t make a sound. You even had to turn pages slowly.”-Sheila

“There is some kind of energy, sitting around books. It helps you focus, be more mindful. That’s why I’m here today”-Anubha


“I’m new to the country. The first thing I did was come to the library.”-Anubha

“I’m going to read Gregory Peck’s biography. I thought he was wonderful w Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.”-Elaine

“I don’t have a computer. My daughter reserves books for me from Australia. The aisles where I go are never crowded.”-Elaine

“My parents were friends w the librarians. When I was a week old my first outing was to the library and they showed me off.”-Erika

“I was good friends with the children’s librarian. We would play hide and seek in the stacks.”-Erika

“My roommate tried to get me into playing guitar, but I dunno, reading is more my thing”-Miguel, and his stack of 5 books

“I know everything is online these days, but I tell my students- go into the stacks.”

Why do you come to the library? “Because no one else has what I’m looking for.”

“I love the library because everyone can come. It’s like the watering hole.”-Emma