Defining Home With The Legend of Sing Hey

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Article Link SHYENNE MACDONALD JANUARY 10, 2018 Look around you. Look at the buildings, the shops and the schools. Look at all the things that make up the Kitchener Waterloo area, all the things that make up your community. Do you think this is where you belong? Are you happy here? If your answer is no, […]

Ragged Company wins Waterloo Reads’ book battle

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Article Link Lively debate of top 10 Canadian books as chosen by Waterloo residents CBC News Posted: Oct 18, 2017 7:30 AM ET Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese has been named the top book in the Waterloo Reads battle of the books. The novel came out on top after a lively debate at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex […]

Janice Lee Confronts the Uncomfortable

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Article Link SAM NABI JULY 6, 2017 Janice Jo Lee’s new play, Will You Be My Friend, attracted multiple sold-out shows at the Conrad Centre in downtown Kitchener during its inaugural run from June 22 to 25. Billed as a musical comedy, this one-woman show follows Lee’s quest for friendship and validation as a Korean […]

People’s Tribune: ‘Without justice there can be no love’

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Article Link June 2017 Editor’s Note: Janice Jo Lee’s album, Sing Hey, begins with three deep breaths, as if she’s thinking through what she has to say before launching into a kind of slam-sung poem of tough self-talk. That opener, “All the Times You Were Silent,” kicks off a seamless and stunning mix of soulful folk, blues […]

UW alumna highlighting local talent in documentary

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Article Link By Keira Koroma  January 17, 2017 Becca Redden, 2016 graduate of the former UW independent studies program, continues her independent streak with ambitious documusical Sing Hey, collaborating with past Kitchener Artist in Residence Janice Lee. While at UW, Redden utilised the relative freedom of the independent studies program to focus on social justice and media, so […]

Press: Grand River Media Coop Podcast

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Sing Hey! Love, Struggle, and Community with Janice Jo Lee Submitted by GRMC on Thu, 01/28/2016 – 01:33 Download Podcast Audio:: Sing Hey! Love, Struggle, and Community with Janice Jo Lee Kitchener based artist Janice Jo Lee joins AW@L Radio in studio for a discussion on her new album Sing Hey and the cross Canada tour […]

Press: 570 News

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Former Kitchener Artist in Residence to release 2nd album Thursday by CANDACE COBBING Posted Jan 21, 2016 7:34 am EST You may recognize her as Kitchener’s last Artist in Residence or her video poem series, “Folk Myths of Kitchener” and now Janice Jo Lee is releasing her latest album called “Sing Hey.” This is Lee’s […]

Press: Artin’ Around with Janice Lee

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The Community Edition: ARTIN’ AROUND WITH JANICE LEE Erin McLean-Purdon CONTRIBUTOR PHOTO COURTESY HANNAH MARIE From the outside, Janice Lee has had a successful year. She received the “Leading Women, Building Communities” award from the Ontario Women’s Directorate, was the 2015 Oktoberfest Woman of the Year in Arts and Culture, and as the City of […]

Press: Building and showcasing the grass roots art scene

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Jan 09, 2015 Building and showcasing the grass roots art scene Article link: Waterloo Region Record By Martin DeGroot Something to look forward to in the year that is still new: On Jan. 5, folk artists Richard Garvey and Janice Lee announced through various social media that “Our festival is a go!” … At The […]

Press: Slammin’ Jammin’ Give-a-Damnin’ Janice Lee

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Night\Shift Janice Lee is a spark. She’s a singer-songwriter, poet, actor, storyteller and organizer whose impact on the Kitchener-Waterloo community has been enormous. Lee’s contagious energy ignites the packed rooms at the KW Poetry Slam (which she co-founded in 2011), lights up the dance floor at local spots like Club Abstract, and inspires other […]

Press: The Cord: Female artists underrepresented in KW music scene

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The Cord: Female artists underrepresented in KW music scene Similar to other communities, establishing yourself as a female musician still holds its challenges in K-W By Cristina Almudevar. Wednesday, March 19, 2014 The Kitchener-Waterloo music scene, despite thriving and growing with each new band, has a lack of performing female musicians. Although not overwhelmingly strong, there […]