Poems: Hiatus, Green Means Drink!

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Always when an essay is due, does the poetry flow. Hiatus A beautiful old acoustic guitar sits in this grey house. He hasn’t played in years – hasn’t written, hasn’t sung a note. It’s been a pretty serious hiatus. He left that warm inspirational incubator back when he got a desk job. He’s been pretty […]

Poem: If I didn't sing

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If I didn’t sing / On leaving my guitar at home, and promptly regretting it Janice Lee If I didn’t sing I’d forget to breathe, what with this stale air suffocating me. If I didn’t sing my chest would bleed – split by pressure: love, searching for an exit strategy. If I didn’t sing my […]

Poems: backlog, Rivers of Words

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Some poems on writing. A frequent topic of mine. The form itself. This is me being meta. Rivers of Words the poem below, is from where I get the title of this site. backlog Janice Lee all those words i never said never i held back back in my mouth overanalyzed practiced reviewed edited those […]

Inspiration: Lord Byron

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Some Byron for you. The adjective “byronic” comes from Byron. He was the tall, dark, handsome, ladies man, unpredictable, enigmatic type. Like Heathcliff – byronic hero. Could be good could be bad. You know. I picked some selections that I think are quite “romantic”, that is, reflective of the values of the romantic period: nature, […]

Inspiration: Alice Walker

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It rained today. The forecast calls for rain all week in Kitchener-Waterloo. On that note.. These Mornings of Rain by Alice Walker from her book Horses Make A Landscape More Beautiful These mornings of rain when the house is cozy and the phone doesn’t ring and I am alone though snug in my daughter’s fire-red […]

how we dance, Why Bother, Love Clothes

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Let’s start with some poems I have written, and think are finished. how we dance body throwing crashing thrashing to the beat of the drum of your heart pounding in your ears bass bass pump up the volume fist pump in the air this is how we dance raw bare Why Bother The hardest thing […]