Poems: Hiatus, Green Means Drink!

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Always when an essay is due, does the poetry flow. Hiatus A beautiful old acoustic guitar sits in this grey house. He hasn’t played in years – hasn’t written, hasn’t sung a note. It’s been a pretty serious hiatus. He left that warm inspirational incubator back when he got a desk job. He’s been pretty […]

Poem: "Ode" to Garlic

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As published in Blueprint Magazine’s ROOTS issue. “Ode” to Garlic Janice Lee Clove by clove you grow a white flower blooming into a shower punch (POW!) of Pazzah in my mouth. Stay with me garlic! Today… Tonight…. Tomorrow… into my lover’s kiss. Toothpaste never stood a chance. Clove by clove you grow into my heart […]


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I think I have seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) Symptoms may include: change in appetite, in particular a craving for sweet or starchy foods, weight gain, decreased energy, fatigue, tendency to oversleep, difficulty concentrating, irritability, avoidance of social situations, feelings of anxiety and despair — I definitely have had all of these this winter. Especially the […]

On Justice

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These lines make good points I think. “One law for the lion and ox is oppression.” –William Blake, from Proverbs of Hell “If you piss in my face I am going to call it piss. I’m not gonna call it rain.” –Reverend Al Sharpton from Anna Deavere Smith’s Fires in the Mirror , 1993

Changing it up

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I changed the theme of the site to this clouds one. I like it. I’ve not written any new actual poems of late. I got into a production at UW of Eve Ensler’s latest collection of monologues called A Monologue, A Memory, A Rant, A Prayer. It plays at UW Tuesday March 23rd, Hagey Hall […]


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I have had to write short bios for myself of late. Once for Rooted, and once for the Slam Poetry competition I was in this past weekend. I find it interesting, the task of summing oneself up in however many words. Seeing what I decide to include. I thought I would post them. For Rooted: […]

I wrote a musical with Richard Garvey: Rooted

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Richard Garvey and I wrote and directed a musical. The premiere is this January 2010. It’s about university life, privilege, education, friends, social justice, bicycles, you know, stuff like that. Very exciting. Biggest project ever. Check out our website raindancetheatre.org/rooted This is one of our latest posters. Photo by Zoey Heath. Design by Laura McDonald […]

Inspiration: Judy Garland

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This performance is iconic in my mind. All she needed was herself, her voice, and a stage. Well, and some high-key lighting and wicked band accompaniment I guess. She could give her heart again and again, each note aching with emotional intensity. Her songs break me.

Winter, I take it back

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It’s December 1st and it’s snowing!!!!!!!! and it’s so lovely, I take it back Winter, you can blow into town. December is when friends and family gather, eat, sing, and be merry. Now why would I want to complain about that. Contributing to my gratitude for December is that I went upstairs to find in […]

This is just a representation

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Website check, check check, word check…does this thing work?… Here I go! A new stand alone website, one centralized medium, where I will post original poetry, and other writings, potentially music and pictures as well. Big thanks to Laura McDonald for setting me up. I am such a big deal. I have my own website. […]