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Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

I went to my second Canadian Festival of Spoken Word last week in Montreal representing Kitchener-Waterloo. Our team was Beth Murch, Jaded, C-Command, myself and Lindsay Jack. We did pretty good! We were in the 3-way tie for the last spot to make semi-finals and did not make it past the tie-breaking calculations. So we placed 9th or 10th out of 24 teams, at KW’s second ever national competition. Not bad!

C-Command and I were asked to perform his poem “Bum Time” as a showcase on Finals stage which we performed as a team piece earlier in the festival. It was great fun. A playful piece. I will put up the video soon.

Pieces I performed – Prelimary rounds I performed “Dear Sandra Oh” and “We come in peace” with Beth Murch.
Underground Individual Slam I performed my somewhat ad-libbed piece “How to do a ‘slam’ poem” and “I hate your love” and “Dear Sandra Oh”.

I came out of this CFSW totally fine and not emotionally crushed like I did last year. Because this year I knew what I was getting into and how to deal. Basically to embrace the poems, people and vibes that were good for me, and to acknowledge but dismiss the things that were going to be bad for my soul. To be able to say Wow. That poem was problematic. But it’s not my battle  and to move on. Otherwise you get exhausted.

I also went into this festival with a lot of love and patience for the art of spoken word, and knowing that overall it does good things for people.  Yes.

Oh and I should mention I was elected to the Spoken Word Canada board as the new Co-chair Member Relations. This means I would be the liaison between SpoCan and the member communities across Canada. Myself, Ryan Kai Cheng and Lindsay Jack have been working on a safer spaces and accessibility national strategy over the past few months and I would continue this work in this role over the next couple of years. Yay!

At the Underground Individual Poetry Slam. Photo by Lishai.
At the Underground Individual Poetry Slam. Photo by Lishai.