I have had to write short bios for myself of late. Once for Rooted, and once for the Slam Poetry competition I was in this past weekend. I find it interesting, the task of summing oneself up in however many words. Seeing what I decide to include. I thought I would post them.

For Rooted:
This is Janice’s first original musical and directing debut. Luckily she’s had a wonderful team to collaborate with on Rooted. Previous show credits include The Engineer in Miss Saigon, choreographing and playing Liz Harlowe in Female Hysteria: A Burlesque Musical Comedy, The Vagina Monologues, Bat Boy, and Urinetown. Janice likes riding her bike, dancing extremely intensely, meta-textual humour, encouraging people to share their talents, having potlucks with her friends, and using art as a tool for social change in her community. Her big dream is to bike across Canada with her guitar, and hopefully a friend or two. Wanna come?

For Speak Out Slam:
Janice is a Kitchener-based 22-year-old writer, musician, performer and activist, studying English at WLU. She recently co-wrote and directed her first musical called Rooted about a community of friends at university. She believes that sharing art is a wonderfully life-affirming act that helps communities to flourish. Janice believes in the power of language, the truth of emotion, and that bicycles will save the world. For real. This is her first slam poetry performance.