Changing it up

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I changed the theme of the site to this clouds one. I like it. I’ve not written any new actual poems of late. I got into a production at UW of Eve Ensler’s latest collection of monologues called A Monologue, A Memory, A Rant, A Prayer. It plays at UW Tuesday March 23rd, Hagey Hall […]

So many songs

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I have written many songs. Still figuring out who I want to play with, how I will record. But here’s a list of the 27 songs that are finished and ready to go. How will I chooose.. He has Penelope Well well well Stay Sunshine Flake The Solution Lies, All Lies! How do we fall […]


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I have had to write short bios for myself of late. Once for Rooted, and once for the Slam Poetry competition I was in this past weekend. I find it interesting, the task of summing oneself up in however many words. Seeing what I decide to include. I thought I would post them. For Rooted: […]

Poem: If I didn't sing

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If I didn’t sing / On leaving my guitar at home, and promptly regretting it Janice Lee If I didn’t sing I’d forget to breathe, what with this stale air suffocating me. If I didn’t sing my chest would bleed – split by pressure: love, searching for an exit strategy. If I didn’t sing my […]

I wrote a musical with Richard Garvey: Rooted

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Richard Garvey and I wrote and directed a musical. The premiere is this January 2010. It’s about university life, privilege, education, friends, social justice, bicycles, you know, stuff like that. Very exciting. Biggest project ever. Check out our website This is one of our latest posters. Photo by Zoey Heath. Design by Laura McDonald […]

Poems: backlog, Rivers of Words

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Some poems on writing. A frequent topic of mine. The form itself. This is me being meta. Rivers of Words the poem below, is from where I get the title of this site. backlog Janice Lee all those words i never said never i held back back in my mouth overanalyzed practiced reviewed edited those […]

Inspiration: Lord Byron

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Some Byron for you. The adjective “byronic” comes from Byron. He was the tall, dark, handsome, ladies man, unpredictable, enigmatic type. Like Heathcliff – byronic hero. Could be good could be bad. You know. I picked some selections that I think are quite “romantic”, that is, reflective of the values of the romantic period: nature, […]

Inspiration: Judy Garland

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This performance is iconic in my mind. All she needed was herself, her voice, and a stage. Well, and some high-key lighting and wicked band accompaniment I guess. She could give her heart again and again, each note aching with emotional intensity. Her songs break me.

Winter, I take it back

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It’s December 1st and it’s snowing!!!!!!!! and it’s so lovely, I take it back Winter, you can blow into town. December is when friends and family gather, eat, sing, and be merry. Now why would I want to complain about that. Contributing to my gratitude for December is that I went upstairs to find in […]

The Tra La Las

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My band had its last show ever this weekend. Our style perhaps can be summed up as sarcastic gangsta sugar folk-blues. We recorded a cd. Let me know if you want one. Below is a video from the show! It’s our gangsta medley. More video at More music at our myspace is More […]

how we dance, Why Bother, Love Clothes

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Let’s start with some poems I have written, and think are finished. how we dance body throwing crashing thrashing to the beat of the drum of your heart pounding in your ears bass bass pump up the volume fist pump in the air this is how we dance raw bare Why Bother The hardest thing […]

This is just a representation

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Website check, check check, word check…does this thing work?… Here I go! A new stand alone website, one centralized medium, where I will post original poetry, and other writings, potentially music and pictures as well. Big thanks to Laura McDonald for setting me up. I am such a big deal. I have my own website. […]