Ancestor Song Concert – June 10 2018

My main project, Ancestor Song! Epic folk, sweeping ocean melodies and Korean drum. This is what I have created when I’m not being destroyed by oppression. Anthems for fierce feminists freeing ourselves of anger and hate, and coming into our power.

Playground Festival of New Work Presents
Ancestor Song by Janice Jo Lee
Sun June 10, 2018, Doors 6:30 Show 7PM
TICKETS $10-20 at the door

ACT 1 – Ancestor Song
Janice Jo Lee – voice, guitar, Korean drum, trumpet
Charlena Russell – voice, violin, keys, trumpet
Adam Lewis – drums
Dance by Sam Yoon, Roohen Tarighat

ACT 2 – Cousins
Performances by Elsa Jayne Camila Diaz-Varela, and nivan elSeweify

The Story
What is my responsibility to my ancestors and my community as a storyteller? In the quiet space it takes for the water to boil, I have been able to listen to and let emerge the melodies saved up in my blood memory. Ancestor Song is a song cycle a lifetime in the making. It is a journey to rediscover the connection to my own traditional mythology, folklore and teachings that have been lost through displacement.
The story is a legend of an unsuspecting quiet girl from the small South Korean island of Ulleungdo. It is about the voice saved up in my chest, awaiting quiet to emerge, awaiting provocation to expand into the powerful feminist trickster the world needs. She is a steamroller of the entitled, and a champion of underestimated BIPOC people. She is a storyteller, and space taker who revels in exuberance.