Artist statement

I am a folk artist. An artist of the people! A storyteller. It is my responsibility as a folk artist to affirm our contemporary stories, emotions and ideas through art and carry these stories onward.

Art is my tool to build just and joyful communities that are as free as possible from systemic oppression. My art comforts the struggling and challenges political complacency. As a writer and performing artist, I combine my literature, music and theatre background with my political activism to create art that engages through its truth, comedy, lyricism and power. Genres and artistic disciplines do not limit me when creating songs, poems, scenes and stories. On stage, it is important for me to demonstrate power in embodied performances, unrelenting honesty, rhythm and humility.

I am constantly learning and thinking critically about my position and cultural context within systems of oppression. I aim to decolonize myself and my art practice from oppressive ideas and practices. My art is subject to criticism and conversation. As an artist and role model, I listen to and am accountable to my community.

My Art Projects

I am constantly working on composing new music, poetry and theatre. I also travel for performances, workshops, and public speaking.

Ancestor Song – Coming Winter 2019
My third full length studio music album is in the works. Expect to hear me playing jangu, a type of Korean drum for the first time. This album is inspired by the new songs I feel are coming out of my blood memory, melodies that have been saved up in my family for me to share with the world.

Will You Be My Friend: A Musical Satire – Returns Oct 2018
This is a one-woman musical comedy play I have been working on for over two years produced by Green Lights Arts. This show searches for friendship and love, in a world of loneliness, where it is very difficult to be friends with white people who hurt you.

The Legend of Sing Hey: Documusical – On Screening Tour Now
This is a full-length documentary-musical directed by Becca Redden. The bulk of it was filmed during my August 2016 East Coast Canada Tour. See the Documusical tab above for more info.

Community Projects

The Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam: I am the founding artistic director of our spoken word poetry series here in KW. We produce spoken word poetry events. Join our facebook group to stay updated here

Rainbow Reels Queer and Trans Film Festival: I volunteer as an organizer with Waterloo Region’s LGBTq2Si+ arts and film festival.

The MT Space Young Company: The Multicultural Theatre Space is an international professional theatre company in Kitchener specializing in avant-garde physically devised theatre. MT Space is interested in life and death theatre, stories you are dying to tell. I co-direct the Young Company with Ahmad Mire’e.

Groundings: Symposium to Raise Up BIPOC Poets: A project envisioned by Lillian Allen to bring together black, indigenous, and people of colour poets in Canada to build our professional arts community.

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